Ground Source Heat Pumps

A heat pump is an efficient form of electrically based heating and cooling.

A ground source heat pump is a highly efficient heating and cooling system that utilizes the stable temperature of the earth’s subsurface to provide heating, cooling, and sometimes hot water for buildings. Unlike other heating and cooling systems, which convert fuel or electricity directly into heat, a heat pump moves heat from one place to another, in the same manner as an air conditioner.

The heat pump cycle is fully reversible, and heat pumps can provide year-round climate control for your home – heating in winter and cooling & dehumidifying in summer. Heat pumps cost on average 50-70% less to run than conventional cooling/heating systems.

Hydron Module


Hydron Module products are highly efficient, reliable and quiet operating, year-round comfort solutions for your home. Hydron Module Systems are manufactured in the heart of America where every department places a high value on integrity and complete customer satisfaction.

TETCO is the original geothermal heat pump, our heat pumps are built in the United States. Specialized component selection, with a strong effort to buy American-made parts, elevates the quality of a TETCO system. All TETCO vertical-packaged units have micro-channel air coils, not a standard in the industry, which helps prevent corrosion for a longer lifespan and further reliability.